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Why Does it Take 3 Sessions to Stop Smoking?

You've probably seen many advertisements by Hypnotherapists promising single session miracle cures for smoking. While that does happen sometimes, many times it takes more than one session and in almost all cases even those that do quit in one session return to smoking within a year.

Our goal is to make you a permanent non-smoke and experience and statistics have shown time and time again that by changing your behavior over 3 sessions using our protocol and techniques that you STAY A NON-SMOKER!

This is not something you want to have to do over, or possibly try to do in one session and if it doesn't work come to the conclusion that hypnotherapy doesn't work for you. Our 3 session protocol simply gets the results your looking for.

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Tampa Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Whether it's the cost of cigarettes, the smell of being a smoker, the inconvenience of having to Trish_Dwyerleave public buildings to smoke, or simply knowing that something like tobacco has control over you, if you're reading this then you've decided now is the time to be Smoke FREE through Tampa Stop Smoking Hypnosis!

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At the Tampa Stop Smoking Hypnosis Clinic, our program combines Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Behavioral Coaching into a powerful 3 session protocol, We have created a Tampa Smoking Cessation Program with a greater than 95% success rate in creating Permanent Non-Smokers!

Be one of the many that have worked with Tampa Stop Smoking Hypnosis Clinic to easily give up cigarettes and are now Permanent Non-Smokers!


Understanding Smoking Cessation and Addiction

Most smokers have experienced it multiple times. You've put all of your energy into quitting smoking, weeks and maybe even months have passed and we think we have finally won the battle with our addiction. Then it happens...

One slip and you're back to square one!

Why is it that in our minds, in that moment, it seems like it's ok to have that one cigarette that leads us back down the road to full blown tobacco addiction?

Because you are trying to quit at a conscious level, and ADDICTION WORKS ON THE SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL!

As a clinical Hypnotherapist I can tell you that the number one reason most people never reach their goal is because of what is called "The Reverse Law of Mental Effect"

The Reverse Law of Mental Effect states: The Harder the Conscious Effort, the less the Subconscious Mind Responds. Are you starting to get the picture of why it's so hard to quit unless you are using a method to bypass the conscious mind and communicate diretly with the subconscious mind?

There is a BIG difference between a smoker that has stopped smoking and a non-smoker. The smoker tries hard everyday to resist lighting up, while the non-smoker doesn't think about it at all, and if he or she does it's simply in the context of "something I used to do that I never want to do again".

If you're going to quit smoking, do it Right the First Time by using a method that works on both the conscious and the unconscious levels.

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